Winter Bike Classes – 2017/18


We will be in the same room as last year.  30 Adelaide N .  This is the big warehouse just North of the Thames.  Enter on the South side of the building .  Plenty of parking

Classes will officially start  Wed Nov 1 and run til the end of March

Wednesdays 5:30 – 7:45 ish
75-90 minutes of riding and 45 min core and stretch
Saturdays      8:30 – 11:00 ENDURANCE RIDE 90-120 min of riding and 30 min core and stretch
Nov/Dec class will start at 8:30.  Jan- March we will start at 8:00 for an extra 30 minutes of riding for those who would like a longer ride.
If there is interest we will also do a few 3 hour rides over the winter as well
1st class = $175  + HST = 197.75
2nd class $ 150 + HST =   169.50
If Starting in December- $150 + HST   and Second class will be $140 +HST
If starting in Jan  $125 +HST and second class will be $115 =HST

8 class package  $115 -+ HST  if space is available
Leave your bike for the winter – $10 a month – priority given to bikers doing both classes, please pay in cash first class.
Drop in $15-+HST  if space is available.
You can either send me an etransfer, a cheque to 78 Greenbrier Cres  London N6J 3X9 or bring a cheque/cash [ I love cash ]  to the first class

SHERI FRASER – TRIATHLON ONTARIO Competition certified coach, 32 years in Triathlon, 22 years coaching experience

JANICE MACDONALD – TO Community Trained Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor,  15 years in Triathlon

CAROLYN JOHNSON TOCommunity Trained Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, 11 years in Triathlon

NANCY LAWRENCE TO Community Trained Coach,  Certified Spin Instructor   11 years in Triathlon

SCOTT MALLORY TO Community Trained Coach, Certified Spin Instructor

All Bike class coaches are experienced, active athletes, motivated to be fit and…lots of fun!

These classes are for ALL levels of athletes, from Tri-a-tri to Ironman and all ages.   They are also beneficial as cross training workouts for runners, swimmers and pretty much any sport.

We concentrate on biomechanics. technique and form, riding relaxed, changing gears, proper seating, power, leg position, and cadence. Each week we will cover different aspects of training and racing, stretching, self maintenance, injury prevention, core, heart rate, nutrition, sweat loss, pacing, tapering, picking your races, weights, etc.

We will be doing drills and some alternative type speed workouts that will help out your running as well.

We gradually build on endurance and strength. The workouts start easy and gradually the sets get longer and more intense as the weeks pass.

You can work at whatever pace and level that works for you. Set the tension on the trainer as hard or as easy as you like. The first few weeks will be for the new riders to get comfortable on their bikes. Our course focus is on progression, once you are comfortable we will be increase the work to match your personals goals.

What you will need:

A bike and quiet indoor trainer              2-3 towels     2-3 water bottles          snacks while riding        Climbing block       Change of clothes for post-ride stretch            Yoga mat

We will be in a new room as our previous room is now a Pole Dancing Studio.  Our new room is not as big but is heated.
We  can  leave the bikes there over the winter- BIG BONUS as you do not have to load up all you equipment

And make sure to assure the “runners only” that these classes are perfect for cross training

These classes are for ALL LEVELS.  You do not need to be an experienced rider, as a matter of fact…

Other that the fitness aspect, we work on peddling, form, cadence, balance, standing, hills, changing gears, speed work, HR training, riding smoothly, nutrition, core and stretches for cyclists,  so this is not a spin class like you would get at a gym.  You bring your own bike and trainer which is by far more conducive to the body and comfort than a spin bike.

And there will be at least a 30-45 min core and stretch post class.  I encourage people to stay for this

For more information Sheri Fraser –

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