Nancy Lawrence, Age Group Triathlete – Long distance training with Sheri and her team of coaches and other athletes has been fabulous. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun doing so and we push each other to get stronger, faster and fitter. Training with Sheri allowed me to exceed my Lake Placid Ironman goal in 2010. When I started training with Sheri, others gave me one simple piece of advice – “follow the plan Sheri gives you and you’ll be more than ready race day”. They were absolutely right!



Steve Champion, Age Group Triathlete – Long distance in the fall of 2006 I decided to start training for the 2007 triathlon season. Starting with no formal swim, bike, or run background, I thought starting with tri a try’s and sprints would be a great start. After my first triathlon season I was hooked on the sport and wanted more. Through research on running I found Sheri and her chi running clinics, winter wind trainer classes, summer splash and dashes and also mega training days. The group-training atmosphere was friendly and very helpful to someone new to the sport.After 3 years in the sport and 2 Muskoka Ironman 70.3’s on my resume I decided to make the jump to Ironman Florida in 2010. With Ironman Florida on the 2010 race calendar Sheri was the easy choice from a full time coaching perspective in order to ensure I was ready for the challenge. In my third Ironman 70.3 Muskoka used as a tune up for Ironman Florida my 2009 PB time was reduced from 6:00:08 to 5:19:23, 41 minutes off last years PB time.Sheri’s passion, knowledge and years of experience has greatly helped me transition into being competitive in the sport of triathlon.


Michelle Belton, Beginner Triathlete since beginning my training with Sheri, I have set new PBs in sprint and Olympic distance races in addition to completing my first 70.3 – all without injury!. Sheri’s coaching plans are personalized and very flexible which is fantastic for an athlete like myself with a full-time job and young children.




Kevin Conners – Ironman – there was no way I had any business even thinking I could do one. I started out training on my own and was sinking in a sea of misinformation from on-line articles, magazine subscriptions and how-too books. Who knew the most experienced and successful Ironman athlete around lived 7 minutes from my home.

Sheri offers hands on knowledge and huge range of training tools.

Group –Rides, The Mega-Days , Running Clinics, Tri Clinics, Triathlon Camps in Florida and In St Catherine’s , Splash and dash, circuit training, Spin Classes, Custom Program, One on one swim Instruction, Yoga, Core training,

To me the best part about Sheri – she trains with you… She competes beside you…

You’re riding 75k – she rides 75k. You’re at the pool at 6am she’s in the next lane. You’re on the starting line so is she (probably 20 feet in front of you at the very front)

What she offers – she did not take from a book, or a course. It’s comes from blood , sweat and years on the gears.

Everyone wants to be a Rock Star. Doing the Ironman, will make you feel like one. Week after week of training, more and more people want to talk to you, ask you questions, admire you, revel in your dedication, your progression and success. Most will think you are nuts, in many cases you are.

And when it all said and done. The only difference between you and an actual Rocks Star – they grow old, get flabby and wonder where all their money went. You look younger, get slimmer and wonder where all your money went….


Caleigh Hairsine – Last fall (2011) I decided to bite the bullet and register for my first Ironman.At 23, and only having done 2 sprint distance triathlons in the past, I think it was safe to say I was in a little over my head.It wasn’t long before I heard about Sheri’s work and took the plunge (literally) by starting off with her swim clinic over the winter.Needless to say, I was hooked.

The way Sheri and the London triathlon community embraced me was exactly what I needed to begin my Ironman journey. Sheri went above and beyond any expectations I ever had in a coach. From the many different group workouts, camps, clinics, etc. to the one-on-one focused training plans…Sheri’s guidance and support was without a doubt what got me to the starting line feeling 100% confident!”


Ed Wright – I have been training with Sheri Fraser since 2007. While it is impossible to predict what might happen on race day out on the course, I have always been confident that when the cannon goes off, my sheriplan training will pull me through. It is also notable that I have NEVER suffered an injury while following one of Sheri Fraser’s training plans.


Tom Kontio – Age Group Triathlete I have just had the race of my life (so far that is).

When I began in endurance sports a decade ago I was very green and thought that just going out and doing something athletic made you a better athlete. I have learned a few things since then. I began by going to one coach or another for this discipline and then I needed to find another person to help with this discipline. I saw small gains but felt that I was capable of more.

I began training with Team Sheri after having already done 6 half-ironmans. I thought I knew how to put it all together, but soon learned about things like periodization and all those things that need to happen for an athlete to perform at their best on race day. Team Sheri has given me expert instruction in all the disciplines of triathlon and I have had more fun in the last 3 years then ever before.

Training as a group and helping to push each other to go a little further is what has been the true strength of Team Sheri. From training during the winter on the trainer to the splash and dashes, you have fun and get so much faster at the same time.