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Sheri and her awesome coaches and support crew are very pleased to welcome Scott Mallory aboard the Sheri Fraser Coaching staff. Scott will be heading up the 4 month Summer Training Program for the Try a Tri to Olympic distance with the goal race at Lakeside in September. [or any other race you would like to complete]
This program is open to everyone who would like a group training setting with info sessions on everything from bike maintenance and bike handling skills to nutrition, pool swims, weights, TS training discounts at Splash N Dash .
There is no need for TS to outsource All group workouts and clinics are headed up by certified coaches who have gained their extensive experience by actually racing themselves!

Here is Scott’s information .

What a great pleasure it is for me to be joining the coaching staff of Sheri Fraser Coaching. We are very lucky to have Sheri in London with her wealth of experience and knowledge of triathlon. Her programs are results based and she shares her knowledge and passion for triathlon with all who seek her out.

I have been coaching triathlon groups at the Centre Branch YMCA in London Ontario for the past 4 years. I acquired my Level 1 Community Coaching Certification in 2009 from Triathlon Ontario, the body that governs triathlon in Ontario.

I have a preference for Sprint to Half Iron (70.3) distances. I especially love the science involved and the skill sets one needs to acquire in order to do these distances. Training in the right (heart rate) zones and understanding your efforts (rate of perceived exertion or RPE) are keys to enjoying and being successful at all distances.

As a coach I love teaching athletes about their abilities and showing them that there are right and wrong ways to train. I want people to know that “all” is possible. It takes effort, consistency, time and yes, some money. The rewards are limitless and include better health, fitness, confidence, body awareness and mindfulness.

Related Certifications:
• Triathlon Ontario Level 1 Community Coaching Certification, 2009
• Certified YMCA Group Cycling Instructor, 2011
• 2014 YMCA Fitness Jam, presenter: Building a better Triathlete – One Brick at a time!
• 2015 YMCA Fitness Jam, presenter: Leading an Endurance Spin Class.
• 2016 YMCA Sweat for Strong Kids, instructor’s seminar: Working with Power. Understanding and setting up Watts based training on an indoor stationary bike.
• 2016 TRX Training Certification

Janice MacDonald, CoachIt all began for me at an Ironman race.  I was watching all of the participants finishing and I was so inspired by their determination, dedication and the distance they were covering in a day….  My dream had started and yet I didn’t know how to run, I knew the basics of cycling and I had some swimming background from my public school days. …This was July 2000.I have now completed 4 Ironman Triathlons, countless ½ Ironman and other various distance triathlons, cycling and running races.  I continue to thoroughly enjoy and embrace this sport after many years.  Triathlon has completely changed my life for the better.  The benefits are many and the participants are some of the most supportive and positive people one could ever meet.  Sheri Fraser is one of the key players in my successes.  Sheri was initially my coach and there after I frequently achieved personal best results at various races.  Sheri is motivational, supportive, inspiring and puts her heart and soul into all of the athletes she coaches.  She has been a great mentor to me and countless other triathletes over the years.I continue to learn and can add coach, personal trainer and nutritional specialist to the ongoing list of personal achievements.  It has been an incredible ride and the wheels continue to roll!!!!!

Louise McGonigal 69 yrs and Dave Watts 74 yrs – the Iron Couple, Coaches

We have been involved with the Triathlon lifestyle for 26 yrs having done hundreds of Triathlons which include for Louise 22 Ironman races (21 podium including 15 wins ) for Dave 16 Ironman races (9 podium including 1 win).

Louise’s highlights include 2008 Hawaiian Ironman World Championship winner age group 65-69- and 3 times an age group winner at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. At 70yrs Dave won Ironman Arizona and has 2 podium finishes at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Our current plans are to keep training for cycling, rowing and cross-country skiing events as well as Centurion Cycling & IM Mt.Tremblant.

Ashley Powers, Coach

Ashley Powers is a secondary school teacher for the Thames Valley District School Board. Her love of running began around five years ago, when she joined a London running group to train for the Toronto International Marathon. To her surprise she ended up qualifying for The Boston Marathon, and quickly came to realize she was not half-bad at this endurance sport. Since this time she has not only competed in The Boston Marathon, but developed two other passions as well – swimming and cycling. In the last four years she has competed in several races, including: the Muskoka 70.3 (placing 7th in her age group), The Foster Grant Ironman World Championships 70.3, The Boston Marathon, Guelph Lake I (three times), the Goderich triathlon, the Bluewater Triathlon, The Run for Retina (first place female), Ironman Canada (second in age group), Forest City Road Races 10km (first place female), The Run for the Toad (first place female), and most recently, the Hamilton Marathon (8th place female). Ashley loves to share her passion for endurance sports by coaching both, cross-country and track & field at her school, and by training and motivating others during her own workouts.

I am excited to be able to share the knowledge and skills I have attained with as many people as I can. Running and triathlon have enriched my life by giving me personal goals to meet and something positive to focus on; plus, I have met and formed several new friendships along the way!

Carolyn Johnson, Coaching Assistant

I purchased a bike in 2009 with the goal of finishing a half ironman in Muskoka at the prompting of a running coach.  I had learned to run in 2006 with the motivation of controlling my weight and fitness level.  The longest distance I had completed was a half marathon but I was looking for a new challenge.  I have a swimming background but I had never really owned a bike other than as a young child, so a half ironman seemed very overwhelming.  Then I met Sheri Fraser…Since that day, with Sheri’s guidance I have completed several short and long distance events including several half ironman distances, the Triple T in Ohio and my proudest moment – Ironman Lake Placid.  Her love of the sport is contagious and keeps you wanting to come back for more.  Sheri pushed me to expect more of myself with challenging programs, informative clinics and critical information on form and nutrition and you can always trust her to tell you the truth about your goals and ability. I am now a certified triathlon coach and am working toward my personal training certification in the fall.   I have been reminded in a very short time that the key to success in triathlon, much like life, is simple.  Set a goal, work hard and surround yourself with positive coaches and supportive friends and family.  The rewards are priceless!  I look forward to helping beginner Triathletes achieve a goal that will ask them to give more of themselves than they thought was possible.

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