Train for your best possible ironman time with Sheri Fraser Coaching

If you are considering an iron distance race or want to improve your best ironman time Sheri Fraser Coaching offers lots of compelling reasons to consider her coaching techniques.

Sheri’s philosophy on coaching athletes, beginner to elite, comes directly from personal and work experience.  Dealing with injured athletes and the reasons why they are injured. She will teach you how to improve your triathlon performance by focusing on how you are feeling and what your body is doing.

By concentrating or proper biomechanics, posture, a strong core, breathing techniques and relaxing, you can move forward more efficiently, train with fewer [and hopefully no] injuries, aches and pains and perform better on race day.

It is not the numbers and gadgets that get you to the finish line faster- It is your body, a determined and positive attitude and smart training

2013 will be Sheri’s 28th year in Triathlon. She raced professionally for 14 years, placed top 10 overall in all or her 22 Ironman, has numerous first place finishes at national and world championships and top finishes in hundreds of triathlons, road races and bike races.  She also juggled raising twins, worked a full time job and remained married!  In the first few years of racing and with chronic injuries, Sheri realized how essential it is to have a healthy, happy body and turned this into a career as a massage therapist.

She now coaches full time and teaches the body mechanics of swim/bike/run as well as yoga and crossfit.

Triathlon season is just around the corner so contact Sheri today for a personalized training schedule to get you successfully across what ever finish line you aspire to.  Email

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