• proper breathing techniques
  • learn how to RELAX!
  • alignment
  • flexibility
  • build muscle strength
  • strengthen your core
  •  prevent injuries
  • improve your posture
  • improve your focus
  • 12 week sessions that will address specific topics every week.  SO not just a good stretch here.
  • WEEK 1/2  breath
  • WEEK 3/4 alignment
  • WEEK  5/6 core
  • WEEK 7/8 upper body
  • WEEK 9-12 put it all together







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Iron Girl and Guy beginner Training Programs


Iron Girl and  Guy  BIO

please fill out and return to Sheri at

Try a Triathlon…BE AN IRON GIRL!!  [or guy]   LONDON  and   ST THOMAS,

scott flyer – triathlon program summer 2016Swim 500 metres

Bike 20 k

Run 5k

Note- we will not discriminate- this is a training program for fellas too- but – they will have to forgo the Iron Girl race and pick another to train for

IRONGIRL Training Programs – Join Irongirl Canada’s inaugural winner Sheri Fraser and her awesome team of coaches in a 4 month training program

May 3 – August 31st

Training includes

Group workouts – swim/bike/run/core/yoga/  London, Brantford and St Thomas areas.  Morning and evening sessions.

Weekly training program- daily workouts for all levels of athlete

Megadays- all day workouts, info sessions

Clinics – bike maintenance, nutrition, core/stretch workouts, race day strategy.

Discount on Ladies Niagara Camp, Run Clinics, Wednesday Night Splash n Dash

COST $400 + HST

Mother/Daughter [student age] discount

Sheri understands that Life Balance is important. She has been competing in the sport of triathlon since 1986 and coaching since 1995.  She also has 2 children and a full time job

Certified Coaches

Sheri Fraser                        Aimee Fishman         Janice MacDonald

Ashley Powers                   Carolyn Johnson        Catherine Stephens

Nancy Lawrence           Michelle Belton

Goal Race- Iron Girl Canada [Grimsby] race date August 10

Last year the race filled quickly.  If you plan to compete at Iron Girl Grimsby you will need to register early.

Guelph Lake Sprint August 30

Sheri understands that Life Balance is important. She has been competing in the sport of triathlon since 1986 and coaching since 1995.  She also has 2 children and a full time job

Iron Girl 2013

Congratulations to 54 year old Sheri Fraser who won the race overall! Sheri is an impressive athlete and continues to dominate the triathlon stage. She is a wife to husband Bruce, mom of twin university aged boys; Connor and Tyler, and a very popular triathlon coach. Sheri embodies the Iron Girl spirit and we are so thrilled she is the inaugural Iron Girl Canada race champion. I am sure she will be back next year to defend her title!

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JUNE 8/9/10

Save a lot of travel time.  More hills than Muskoka, Mt Tremblant and Lake Placid

FRIDAY bike and swim in the canal

SATURDAY –  Bike, Run,  bike Maintenance clinic,

Yoga- stretch after your workout pot luck BBQ

SUNDAY- Swim, Run

A perfect training weekend for all your Ironman, 1/2 IM, Olympic and Sprint races.   Affordable camp fees and affordable accommodation fees.  Fully supported, feed zones, plenty of qualified, experienced  coaches for every level and every distance.


Wine country is a perfect venue for training for your Ironman, 1/2 IM, Olympic and Sprint races.

Swim-Welland Canal, Life guard supervised.

Bike-quiet country roads, climb the escarpment all day or go flat along the canal-

Run – Short hills Trails, Welland canal


CAMPS $130  + HST  for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Triathlon Ontario members .   $140 + HST for non members.  Non TO members will be required to purchase insurance for the weekend- $10.  


We have reserved a block of suites at the group discount  at Niagara College Residence Welland Campus.

Each suite has 2 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchenette.  If you need a roommate we can arrange this.

$51 per night includes breakfast- ****we have plenty of space at the camps but the residence does fill up on weekends****so if you intend to come, it is advisable to register early

Join 23 top 10 Ironman finisher and 3 x World Champion Sheri Fraser and her team of experienced coaches with a combined effort of over 130 Ironman finishes

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Winter Bike Classes – 2018/19



We now have two locations for the Classes


Wednesdays 5:30 – 7:45 ish-FULL
75-90 minutes of riding and 45 min core and stretch
Saturdays      8:30 – 11:00 ENDURANCE RIDE-FULL
90-120 min of riding and 30 min core and stretch

FitClub Bootcamps-

962 Leathorne St unit 4, London, Ontario N5Z 3M5, Canada

Wednesdays 9:30 -11:30 AM

1st class = $200- One day per week
Classes start Wednesday November 7 and continue until the end of March.  If the weather is still crappy like last winter we can continue on for another week or two into April.    A few classes will be cancelled around the Xmas Holidays
8 class package  $120
Drop in $15-+HST  if space is available.  There will be no drop in available in  basement classes
You can either send me an etransfer, a cheque to 78 Greenbrier Cres  London N6J 3X9 or bring a cheque/cash  to the first class

SHERI FRASER – TRIATHLON ONTARIO Competition certified coach, 34 years in Triathlon, 24 years coaching experience

MICHELLE BELTON  TO Community Trained Coach,

TRUDIE HARRINGTON  TOCommunity Trained Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, 25 years in Triathlon

NANCY LAWRENCE TO Community Trained Coach,  Certified Spin Instructor   13 years in Triathlon

BRUCE HAMMOND TO Community Trained Coach,

All Bike class coaches are experienced, active athletes, motivated to be fit and…lots of fun!

These classes are for ALL levels of athletes, from Tri-a-tri to Ironman and all ages.   They are also beneficial as cross training workouts for runners, swimmers and pretty much any sport.

We concentrate on biomechanics. technique and form, riding relaxed, changing gears, proper seating, power, leg position, and cadence. Each week we will cover different aspects of training and racing, stretching, self maintenance, injury prevention, core, heart rate, nutrition, sweat loss, pacing, tapering, picking your races, weights, etc.

We will be doing drills and some alternative type speed workouts that will help out your running as well.

We gradually build on endurance and strength. The workouts start easy and gradually the sets get longer and more intense as the weeks pass.

You can work at whatever pace and level that works for you. Set the tension on the trainer as hard or as easy as you like. The first few weeks will be for the new riders to get comfortable on their bikes. Our course focus is on progression, once you are comfortable we will be increase the work to match your personals goals.

What you will need:

A bike and quiet indoor trainer              2-3 towels     2-3 water bottles          snacks while riding        Climbing block       Change of clothes for post-ride stretch            Yoga mat

And make sure to assure the “runners only” that these classes are perfect for cross training
These classes are for ALL LEVELS.  You do not need to be an experienced rider, as a matter of fact…
Other that the fitness aspect, we work on peddling, form, cadence, balance, standing, hills, changing gears, speed work, HR training, riding smoothly, nutrition, core and stretches for cyclists,  so this is not a spin class like you would get at a gym.  You bring your own bike and trainer which is by far more conducive to the body and comfort than a spin bike.
And there will be at least a 30-45 min core and stretch post class.  I encourage people to stay for this

For more information Sheri Fraser –



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Running Clinic NEW DATES

Improve your running form
Run more efficiently, with better posture and more relaxed form




2017 Dates



This 5-6 hour clinic will teach you how to run more efficiently and with less effort, with correct posture and alignment, and with more focus.  This is for ALL levels of runners from beginner to sub 3 hour marathoners.
The principles of any endurance event are based on energy efficiency and injury prevention.  By aligning your body in a forward direction, engaging a strong core, leaning and then relaxing, it is amazing how easy running can be.

We spend hours repeating drills in the pool or practicing a golf swing yet very few people focus on their running technique.  Running is a weight bearing discipline that creates the most wear and tear on the body, so it makes sense that we find the most efficient way to enjoy our runs without pain and discomfort. Muscle weakness and imbalances are the major cause of injuries and unless these chronic issues are addressed, it is likely that running will be a constant struggle.  Typical injuries are plantar fascitis, shin splints, piriformis and sciatic pain, tight ITB, knee and knee pain

We have now taught hundreds of runners to become more aware of proper posture and technique.

These fundamentals are understood and accepted as being universal for any distance and speed of running as well as any sport, age group and gender

video analysis

posture, head to toe

running efficiently and relaxed

injury prevention



stretching, strengthening




cross training


Hi Sheri
I just can’t thank you & Janice enough for the course yesterday. On the way to work today it started pouring so I ducked under an overhang at Westmount Mall. I noticed there was an area in between the doors with a short carpet. I used the time to run back & forth & practice what I had learned. The reflection in the doors shocked me. For the first time in my running career I really looked like a runner! I had my head up my arms next to my side & it was fun!!  I know this is only a start. I will be working on my upper body strength, posture & the left foot issue for a long time.  But all I can say is “What a difference a day makes”

Thanks again, Mary

Mary Nash- top London Masters Runner

Hi Sheri

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic on Saturday!  I considered myself knowledgeable in bio-mechanics but I had never really applied it to myself.  My wife has a below the knee amputation and I have sat through endless sessions watching her walk.  I have NO clue why I never thought about how I walk.  I am truly excited about applying the running skills (basics) you showed us.  I have been such an upright runner for so long, I just always assumed I was slow, but it is clear I can be MUCH faster with just a simple movement change.

Looking at myself yesterday, I realize that I am a bio-mechanical mess and I need a lot of work.  Your discussion explained literally everything that I have experiencing over the past several years and especially in this past 6 months with the injuries and pain.  I have just been telling myself that because I am big and fat that there is going to be lots of pain until I get the weight off.  Clearly getting the weight off will help but if I am a walking injury that clearly is not a good thing.  I have a new appreciation for how good of a plan my nutritionist put together for me, she gave me basically all the same stretches you talked about for a mobility workout but clearly I have not been doing the plan justice.

Wade Coombs…Recreational Runner

To reserve your spot please forward a cheque to

Sheri Fraser  78 Greenbrier cres  London n6j 3×9

we take only 6 runners for each clinic

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Crossfit Classes

Crossfit Classes are designed to improve  function through high intensity strength, core, balance, and agility exersices. ,  The byproduct of this hard work is an improvement in health, endurance and performance in  sport by preventing injuries, and aligning biomechanical imbalances and weaknesses. Each class is different. We use everything from kettlebell, tubing, medicine ball, hula hoops, rowing, followed by a significant stretch/yoga.This is for all levels.  Work at your own pace and you will notice fitness improvements  weekly

Classes are 90 minutes

Sept/Oct Sessions

Monday  6-730

Thursday  6-730

Friday       1-230

Contact Sheri directly at

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